Month: July 2020

Month: July 2020

Listen Attentively to Understand, Not to Respond

Wisdom is the reward you getfor a lifetime of listeningwhen you’d have preferred to talk. ––Doug Larson Note: Listening attentively can be a great time saver that enhances understanding, communication, and connection.Question: What can you do to become a compassionate, patient, engaged listener and then, at other times, to appreciate and validate the attention when

Can You See What Eye? Breathe, Smile, and Be at Ease

Breathe in Faith to transform fear. ––M. Chere Sampson Note: The breath is an empowering tool that precedes any action to be able to see things more clearly and proceed intentionally and effectively. Question:  When the mind feels overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, or distractions, how can you use the conscious breath to make the best

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Can You See What Eye See? Envision a Better You and a Better World by M. Chere Sampson is the product of her powerful and enlightening sessions with her group and individual clients. Aptly regarded as a “tool lady,” Sampson has spent time studying people and identifying the obstacles that hinder them from living fulfilling

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Honest opinion 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!! This is a must read for everyone. Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2019 Verified Purchase This book is a game changer, incredibly well written, well researched and referenced. If you need help coping with any situation or want to be able to help someone,