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Well written with quotes and slogans for easy daily friendly reminders of the steps I needed to take to live a full and peaceful life. The tools learned have helped me in every aspect of my life; my relationship with my family, employees, and friends. The author challenged me to take an honest look at myself and my life and answer the difficult question, “How do I want to spend/live the rest of my life?” Thank you for giving me the help I needed and to not lose hope.
– Odalys

This is my “go to” book when I need to remember “group” and how I usually got a lift after our Wednesday sessions. I can just open up to a chapter and imagine being with all and finding that support which we would share. Thanks Chere.
– Patrick Russell

In the words of Rumi, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” C. Sempson’s book, Can You See What Eye See” takes you gently by the hand and shines a potent light at those barriers. The book leads to awareness, emotional wellness, and authentic transformation.
– Marian Iglesias

Great book to help you understand your behavior, the behavior of others and how to live more peacefully. Wonderful examples to guide you.
– Maria

This long awaited book is so much more than I ever expected. I hear Chere’s quiet voice with ever word that I read. Every chapter has so much wisdom, faith and hope. The shares of so many have been captured so realistically. I know I’m in a better world and I am a better me because of all these tools we have been given. Breathe!
– Dev

Exceptional book!!! It’s like having a personal therapist at your fingertips. The examples, teaching and encouraging words found in this book are priceless. I highly recommend it to all!
– Kathy Findlay

Fabulous book! Very inspirational & insightful! Highly recommend
– Kim Gravel

Can You See What Eye See is a very imposing book because the content draws you in with real life examples of events that many of us have experienced in life but didn’t have the knowledge or experience to understand or to begin to solve them. I would encourage you to take a look and see many things through the eyes of Can You See What Eye See.
– William

The wisdom in this beautiful book has changed my life and guided me on my path to self acceptance and self compassion. I will return to it again and again to help me bring the best of me to all of my relationships. With a grateful heart, I will look for every opportunity to gift this book to others.
– Susan

M. Chere Sampson’s book CAN YOU SEE WHAT EYE SEE? is the patiently awaited answer to the requests of her many grateful private and group clients. Each time we see her, Chere reminds us that we have the choice to align ourselves with our better instincts, and create a more rewarding life. Her ability to translate ancient and complex wisdoms into practical daily applications has motivated her admirers to continually repeat those requests: “PLEASE, WRITE A BOOK CHERE”, for us to read and share and as a tool for study and sharing by other groups in their efforts to find and express their best selves. AND SO SHE HAS. Thank you, thank you, Chere, for helping us envision and enact a better us, and a better world. Dorothy LeMaster
– Dorothy LeMaster

Amazing! One of the quotes in the book is “when you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change”. How true, undeniable, and I am surprised (and grateful for) how easily it helps me “see” things differently. Great setup… I can soak in the words one-by-one when in the mood, or just pick a relevant chapter. The quotes and short stories help me understand. And, if I’m in a big hurry or really stressed I can simply go to the end of the chapter for a summary paragraph or two and key bullet points. A life changer for me and hopefully mankind – thank you Ms. Sampson!
– John Plant

Great reading for all of us seeking the path!
– Mike


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